Your Talent Works at Dunwoody

Hello. Thanks for clicking over from Twitter. Dunwoody College of Technology has been helping people learn the skills they need to land a good job and have a great career for 100 years now. Why is that? Because we pioneered a hands-on approach to learning that uses projects and labs that simulate real workplaces. Charles Prosser–the guy who led Dunwoody for its first three decades–literally wrote the book on a hands-on, applied education.

We continue to work with the top companies in every industry to make sure we’re teaching the right skills with the most current technology.┬áThat’s why our graduates are able to put their talent to work. Not just for the first job — for their whole career.

So what are you interested in? We have programs in areas like: Automotive, Graphic Design, Computer Technology, Architectural Drafting, Electronics, Construction Management, Robotics, Welding and Interior Design (and many more).

Whether you want to be the person designing the project, managing it, or being on the job site or on the shop floor making it happen, with more than 40 programs to choose from, there’s a good fit for you at Dunwoody.

Also: one-*, two- and four-year degree options (yep, Dunwoody offers bachelor’s degrees). Day or evening classes. Financial aid. Student support (including tutoring). Our programs are intense. But if you want it — if you want to be the best — we’ll help you make it happen. We’re a private, not-for-profit college. Our mission is to help you succeed.

Want to learn more? Fill out the form below and an Admissions Counselor will be in touch. Or if you’ve already decided you want to check out how Dunwoody can put your talent to work, RSVP for our next Open House. Come see for yourself — check out our lab spaces and meet our awesome faculty. Meanwhile let’s continue to talk on Twitter about talent and education and technology.

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*Technically the one-year programs are certificates. But for some jobs that’s all you need. Plus, our certificates roll up into the two- and four-year degrees so if you decide it’s time to move up in your career, you can come back and get the credential you need.