Continuing Education Registration

Open enrollment courses are available to all business and industry partners as well as the general public. All courses are created for individuals looking to advance their training skills and/or continue their education to expand their knowledge to exceed professionally.

New Offerings:

  • Bridging Course Dunwoody’s Bridging course is for adult learners who need a math or building science refresher course as a prerequisite to other construction or manufacturing courses
  • Social Media Strategist Certificate Preparation – NISM This program will put you at the forefront of social media in business today. It will not only provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become proficient in strategic social media methodologies, but it will also prepare you to take the NISM Social Media Strategist certification examination. A test that will be offered to you once you complete the course.
Automotive Service Advisor
ASAD0111 Introduction to Service Advising
ASAD0112 Advanced Customer Communications
ASAD0113 Quality in Service Environment
ASAD0114 Financial Success and Leadership


Automation & Manufacturing Design Courses
CADD0107 AutoCAD BasicCADD0108 Advanced AutoCAD
ICON0101PLC Industrial Controls Basics
ICON0102 PLC Industrial Controls Advanced
ICON0102 PRO-E – Only By Company Request


Building Information Modeling
CADD0207 Introduction to REVIT
CADD0208 Advanced REVITREVIT Families
REVIT Integration
Autodesk REVIT Architecture Certified Test Prep & Exam


Construction & Surveying
ARCH0101B Commercial Construction Print Reading – Level 1
ARCH0101B Commercial Construction Print Reading – Level 2
Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Training & Accreditation
SURV002 Certified Surveying Technician (CST) Exam Preparation


Electrical Construction – Service & Maintenance
ELEC0114 Electrical Fundamentals
ELEC0126 Power Limited Systems
ELEC0134 Electrical Apparatus
ELEC0214Electrical Control Systems
ELEC0227 Residential Electrical Wiring
ELEC0237 Commercial & Industrial Electrical WiringAdditional Courses:
ELEC0239 Schematics
ELEC0240 Electrical Estimating
Energy Efficiency & Energy Utilization
Energy Auditor Exam
Residential Energy Auditor Course
Online Residential Energy Auditor: Please contact Custom Training at 612-381-3327 or email  Course dates are extremely flexible and you are able to start the course at your convenience.

Engineering SolidWorks
MDES01110 Engineering Drawings with SolidWorks
CADD0008 Certified SolidWorks Associate Test Prep & Exam



ACCT0112 Small Business Accounting Using QuickBooks
ETRP0100 Small Business – Taxes, Employment Law & Marketing
LEAD0201 Developing & Implementing a Business Plan
MGMT0103 Leading & Managing a Small Business
NISM Social Media Strategist Certification Training – Online
Facilities Service Maintenance Operator
FSMC0101 Understanding Commercial Electrical Systems ARCH0101A Commercial Construction Print Reading–Level 1
ARCH0101B Commercial Construction Print Reading – Level 2
FSMC0116 Boiler Operation & Maintenance MN Special
SERV0144 Basic Refrigeration Technology
HVACR0202 Refrigerant Transition & Recovery
FSMC0107 Certified Pool Operator Test Prep & Exam
Facility Safety & Efficiency
FSMC0103 Environmental Health and Safety for Commercial Facilities
FSMC0117 Introduction to Hazardous Waste and Emergency Responses
ARCH0101A Commercial Construction Print Reading–Level 1
ARCH0101B Commercial Construction Print Reading – Level 2
FSMC0112 Commercial Facilities Sound Alarm & Fire Systems
ICON0101 PLC Industrial Controls Basics
GRN0107 Green Operations & Maintenance


HVACR Service Technician
FSMC0101 Understanding Commercial Electrical Systems
SERV0144 Basic Refrigeration Technology
HVACR0202 Refrigerant Transition and Recovery
FSMC0116 Boiler Operation and Maintenance MN Special
SERV0145 Residential Refrigeration and Cooling*
SERV0146 Commercial HVACR Rooftop Service*
SERV0147 Commercial Air Conditioning and Ventilation*
COMM0150 Communication for Technicians* SERV0145, SERV0146, SERV0147 individuals must pass FSMC0101, SERV0144, FSMC0116Elective:
SERV0148 Commercial HVACR Load Calculations


Precision Grinding, Basic Machining, Advanced CNC
MANU0121A Basic Machining
MANU0110A Manufacturing Blueprint Reading
MACH02120A CNC Lathe & Mill Theory – Part 1
MACH0214A MasterCAM- Basics
MACH02120B CNC Lathe & Mill Theory – Part 2
MACH0206 Advanced MasterCAM
Sewing & Production Specialist 
SPSC0100 Math & Measuring
SPSC0110 Cut and Sew Safety & Ergonomics
SPSC0105 Introduction to Sewing & the Process of Production
SPSC0115 Materials & Handling Methods for Sewing Manufacturers
SPSC0120 Basic Sewing Techniques
SPSC0125 Sewing Equipment & Operations (Industry Rotations)

Sewing & Production Elective | Enroll in ONLY 1 of the 3 Elective choices:

PSC0135A Sewing & Production Elective: Alterations
SPSC0135B Sewing & Production Elective: Machine Mechanic
SPSC0135C Sewing & Production Elective: Upholstery

Welding Technology Specialist
WTEC0101 Welding Fundamentals
WTEC0110 Weld Print Reading and Symbols
SMAW0140 Stick Welding I
SMAW0141 Stick Welding II
SMAW0142 Stick Welding III
GMAW0150 Mig Welding I
GMAW0151 Mig Welding II
GMAW0152 Mig Welding III
GTAW0160 Tig Welding I
GTAW0161 Tig Welding II
GTAW0162 Tig Welding III
WTEC0010 Welding Lab