Corporate & Community Training Center

What’s Happening?

-Hutchinson Leader–“Dunwoody College’s Training Center celebrates grand opening in Winsted.”

-KARE 11–“MN college responds to skilled worker shortage, opens new center.”

Welding Technician Program

CNC & Machining Program


About the Center

Dunwoody College from Minneapolis has established a training center in Winsted, MN in an effort to quickly respond to the West Region’s manufacturing employment needs. A skilled worker shortage is impacting manufacturers located between Delano-Winsted-Hutchinson-Litchfield.

In the fall of 2014 eleven students enrolled in a one semester (approximately 16 weeks) Welding Technician Program followed by a second welding class that began March 2015. A third welding class is scheduled to begin June 24, 2015. A CNC Machine Operator Program is scheduled to begin in October 2015.

To support this training initiative fifteen businesses have formed a legal entity, “MOVE LLC” – “Manufacturing Opportunities for Vocational Employment” which provides employment opportunities for successful graduates.

These industries support the non-credit competency-based training programs as a “local” option to the traditional 2-year and 4-year post- secondary college pathways.  This alternative also allows recent high school graduates or other adult learners the opportunity to live at home or stay in the immediate area while enrolled in this training, a smart choice for students who want to keep college debt at a minimum. Financial resources are available through private bank loans as well as tuition assistance/grant funds for dislocated workers or long-term unemployed adults.

The Corporate and Community Training Center (CCTC) creates a “win-win” situation for employers desperate for skilled workers as well as for the graduates of these programs who will be offered immediate employment with a good wage and benefits.

Class sizes are small with an emphasis on hands-on applied learning utilizing customized curriculum focusing on the skills needed by the local manufacturing companies.


Registration Process

Registration is on a first come first served basis:

1.          Applicants must visit a MN Workforce Center to complete The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) which is currently free of cost and focuses on occupational skills needed for workplace success. MINNESOTA WORKFORCE CENTER LOCATIONS

2.          Applicants must achieve an average score of a Level 3 for welding and a level 4 for CNC machining.

3.          Registration into the welding program requires enrollment into each of the 4 welding classes listed below.

4.          In order to secure your position in the program you are required to pay for at least the first two courses at the time of initial registration. WELD01120 Introduction to Welding Theory and WELD01110A Introduction to Welding Lab must be paid for in full to hold your spot.

5.          Full payment for all 4 classes is required two weeks prior to start date.



Welding Technician Program at CCTC –West Region Starting June 24, 2015
WELD01120 Introduction to Welding Theory
WELD01130 Welding Math, Prints & Symbols
WELD01110A       Introduction to Welding Lab
WELD01110B Advanced Welding Lab


CNC Machine Operator Program at CCTC – West Region Tentative Start: October 2015
Coming Soon
CNCM1050 Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry
CNCM1200 Machine Math
CNCM1100 Measurement, Materials & Safety
CNCM1110 Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
CNCM1120 CNC Milling Level I

CNC Machine Operator Program at CCTC – West Region
Tentative Start: October 2015 Coming Soon