Corporate & Community Training Center

What’s Happening?

-Hutchinson Leader–“Dunwoody College’s Training Center celebrates grand opening in Winsted.”

-KARE 11–“MN college responds to skilled worker shortage, opens new center.”


Program Information

Welding Technician Program 
CNC & Machining Program

About the Center

Dunwoody College of Technology has established a training center in Winsted, Minn. in an effort to quickly respond to the West Region’s manufacturing employment needs. A skilled worker shortage is impacting manufacturers located between Delano-Winsted-Hutchingson-Litchfield. 

The college is currently offering a fast-track, 16-week Welding Technician program. Class sizes are small with an emphasis on hands-on applied learning utilizing customized curriculum focusing on the skills needed by the local manufacturing companies. The Welding Technician program is expected to be replaced by a CNC Machining program in fall 2015.

To support this training initiative, fifteen businesses have formed a legal entity, MOVE LLC – Manufacturing Opportunities for Vocational Employment, which provides lab materials and employment opportunities for successful graduates. 

The Corporate and Community Training Center creates a “win-win” situation for employers desperate for skilled workers as well as for the graduates of these program who will be offered immediate employment with a good wage and benefits. 

About the Instructor

Dunwoody would like to introduce the Welding Technician instructor, Scott Glewwe II. Scott is a Dunwoody College graduate and began teaching for the Corporate and Community Training Center with industry knowledge and experience in a high – demand field. Don’t let his young appearance question his knowledge and ability, he will quickly show he makes things happen. 

Scott wants to supply the industry with valuable individuals that work hard and strive for high quality. Just when you think you get it, he will introduce another dimension and you will be learning another aspect of this profession.

Welding has given Scott an interesting and challenging opportunity which allowed him to choose his future direction, personally and professionally.

“Scott a is very knowledgeable instructor that’ll go out of his way if you show the drive, keep him around and you’ll have confident welders graduating your program.” – Mathew Hart, Welding Student