Campus Resources

Dunwoody College provides a variety of resources to support our students who are Veterans. These include:

Veterans Representative on Campus

Duane Bauer, Central Metro Regional Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs/Higher Education Veterans Programs, is on the Dunwoody campus the first Monday of every month from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Look for his table across from the Accounting window near the cafeteria.

Veterans Resource/Study Area

There’s a place on campus where Veterans can come for resources, study and fellowship. The Veterans Resource/Study Area can be found on the Green Level in the Carlson Commons near the Student Lounge.

A focal point in the Area is a Veterans banner, which was the idea of currently serving students. The banner displays the unit patches of students of veterans and those currently serving. The banner is a unique way of recognizing their service and making them feel a part of the learning community at Dunwoody. New students are encouraged to submit their unit patch for display. Many of the faculty and staff who are veterans have added their unit patches to the display as well.

Veterans Academic Support

The Elftmann Student Success Center, found on the Black Level in the Carlson Commons, offers a variety of resources for individual learning needs, including one-on-one tutoring, peer-supported study sessions, online instructional videos and more. For details, visit the Elftmann Student Success Center website.