The Writing Center


Developed as a support system for students at all levels, the Writing Center collaborates with students to develop confidence and good reading and writing habits through a number of services:

  • Individualized reading support to improve comprehension
  • One-on-one assistance with specific writing assignments, scholarship essays, cover letters, and résumés
  • Workshops and individual tutoring sessions
  • Published Tip Sheets and handbooks
  • Support for second language learners (see below)
  • Instructional videos (coming soon)
Areas of Support Include:
Writing Assignments & Scholarship Essays
  • Topic exploration
  • Conducting and implementing research
  • Planning and organizing a writing assignment
  • Revising for style, structure, and support
  • Editing for grammar and mechanics
  • APA style formatting
Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Overall style, structure, and organization
  • Revising for style and support
  • Editing for grammar and mechanics
  • Cover letter basics
  • Reference page basics
  • Preparing for interviews
  • General active reading strategies
  • Specific reading strategies for textbooks and classroom materials
  • Vocabulary strategies
  • How to read research
  • Reading electronic sources
  • Time management for reading
Second Language Learners
  • One-on-one appointments
  • Project Success Program
  • Conversation labs
  • External links library

Make an Appointment

Scheduled appointments are preferred and can be set up by emailing

Students should bring all assignment materials with them to the appointment, including the syllabus, assignment directions, writing guides, and/or any notes taken from verbal directions. It is preferred that students receive review in person, but exceptions may be made.

To be considerate to other students, please be on time. If you become unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please email to reschedule.

The Writing Center will follow-up with the appropriate instructor after each meeting. The services of the Writing Center are intended to support and complement the writing tasks required by our instructors.