Tip Sheets

For the support of students with limited time, a number of informational tip sheets have been published and are available in the Success Center. These tip sheets cover several areas, including reading and study strategies; general writing skills and the writing process; general student success skills; and math study skills.

Tips sheets are available in hard copy in the Success Center. The full series is also listed below. Feel free to download and use them.

HandbooksA photo of tip sheets.

 Note Taking Structures (PDF)
– APA Style in Microsoft Word 2010 (PDF)

Classroom Success Strategies
Reading Strategies
Note Taking
– Cornell Notes (PDF)
– General Note Taking (PDF)
– Note Taking for Research (PDF)

Studying and Test-Taking
– SQ3R (PDF)
– Self-Testing (PDF)
– Taking Multiple Choice Tests (PDF)
– Taking Short Answer/Essay Tests (PDF)

The Writing Process
Preparing and Composing
Revising and Editing
– Essay Structure (PDF)
– Essay Style (PDF)
– Proofreading Your Writing (PDF)
– Revise Your Writing (PDF)

Punctuation and Usage

Research Skills
Conducting Research

Math Skills
Study Help
 Math Basic Study Tips (PDF)
– Simplify Binomials (PDF)
– Intro to Trig (PDF)
– 90 Degree Triangle (PDF)