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A photo of students studying in the Elftmann Student Success Center. The Elftmann Student Success Center is grateful for the support of Joel Elftmann and its other contributors.

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What Students are Saying About the Elftmann Student Success Center:

“I can’t say enough good things about Eeris Fritz and the Elftmann Student Success Center! I came to Dunwoody as an older student lacking in math skills [and] after a semester with Eeris I feel confident with my math skills and ready to start the next phase of my professional life.” — Joe Hebert, HASD 

“The Elftmann Student Success Center at Dunwoody College has been a huge resource to me. When I have homework questions, I go there for help because I am confident there is someone there who can help me…One of the teacher’s that helped me was Eeris Fritz. I could tell she really cared about the students’ success. I recommend my classmates to the center when they need help or are having difficulties. The Elftmann Student Center has helped me during my entire time at Dunwoody and it’s a resource I look forward to [continue] using during my stay at Dunwoody.” — Fu Lee

“The [Student Success] program was a tool for college for me. It really helped me become organized, build good working habits [and] learn how to prepare and study for a test… I would recommend it for students who are starting college for the first time or students who are returning to college and need to be refreshed to the college atmosphere.” — ELEC 2012 Grad

“In the fall of 2010 I enrolled in the [Student Success] classes, and there is no way that I would be doing as well in my program if I wouldn’t have participated in them. It has been 12 years since I have been in school and the way that the [Student Success] teachers taught it, and some of the tricks that they showed me to remember things, really helped.” — CSUP 2012 Grad

“The [Student Success] program is good for networking. While in the program, you get to meet people who are in the same field as you… [so] when you start your classes in your field, you will already know someone.” — ELEC 2012 Grad

“How hard it would have been to get to this point in my educational career without [Student Success] and the fabulous teachers in the program…The help I received was invaluable to me on many levels…I owe it all to the wonders of the program.” — MACH 2012 Grad

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