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What students are saying about the Elftmann Student Success Center

“The (Student Success) program is good for networking. While in (the Student Success) program, you get to meet people who are in the same field as you. Therefore, when you start your classes in your field, you will already know someone.” — ELEC 2012

“The (Student Success) program was a tool for college for me. It really helped me become organized, build good working habits, learn how to prepare and study for a test, and some other great tips. I would recommend it for students who are starting college for the first time or students who are returning to college and need to be refreshed to the college atmosphere.” — ELEC 2012

“(Student Success) has definitely helped me in my program! Now that I’m in my program I have been using note taking and highlighting very effectively and have been getting better grades on morning quizzes. I no longer highlight things that aren’t relevant. I highlight main points and important things thanks to my (Student Success) classes.” — AUTO 2012

“In the fall of 2010 I enrolled in the (Student Success) classes, and there is no way that I would be doing is well in my program if I wouldn’t have participated in (Student Success). It has been 12 years since I have been in school and the way that the (Student Success) teachers taught it and some of the tricks that they showed me to remember things really helped.” — CSUP 2012

“How hard would it have been to get to this point in my educational career without (Student Success) and the fabulous teachers in the program…The help I received was invaluable to me on many levels, between the extra math needed to not only pass, but to achieve what would have been a high grade in the class,…(to) the difficult beginnings in my English class and with my instructor, only to discover my passion for writing, as well as the natural ability that I never knew was there in the first place. I owe this all to the wonders of the (Student Success) program, which has helped to round me into what I will become in the future. In closing, the (Student Success) program is a tremendous tool…to help…new students coming to start their career training at Dunwoody.” — MACH 2012

“I have learned more in eight weeks than in my four years of high school.” — ASRO 2010

“Years of elementary mathematics are covered in 8 weeks.” — ECDM 2010