Student Success Courses

Student Success Instructor Ross Brewer teaching in of the Center's classrooms

The Student Success courses are offered each semester and summer session. They provide the foundational skills and knowledge needed to be successful in technical programs.

Foundational College Classes

Students explore key areas critical to success in college: math, English, computer use, reading, and study skills. Classes include (click to view the course description):

Along with their coursework, students become familiar with Dunwoody’s environment through opportunities to work with other students, staff and faculty members, and tutors.

Course Descriptions

College Reading – 
This course focuses on reading comprehension, vocabulary development and learning strategies necessary to effectively read college texts and reading assignments. Topics include identifying main ideas, supporting details, organizational patterns of college textbooks, summarizing, study strategies and developing college level vocabulary. Drawing conclusions, making inferences, comparing and contrasting ideas, identifying cause and effect, creating a reading study plan, paraphrasing are a sampling of the strategies presented.

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Technical English – 
Students will master English skills in writing, listening, reading comprehension, and speaking in preparation for college-level writing. Students will improve mechanics, usage, grammar skills, paragraph structure, and essay development through practice in the writing process. Writing assignments will teach the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Students will learn reading strategies to improve their ability to identify main ideas, facts, details, examples, and comprehend technical reading. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary of their technical fields through technical reading and writing assignments.

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Foundations of Technical Mathematics – 
This course offers a review of fundamental math concepts in preparation for mathematically intensive technical programs. Arithmetic and an introduction to algebra and geometry will be covered. Specific topics could include but are not limited to: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, decimals and fractions; problem solving; order of operations; using percents; working with powers, roots and signed numbers; solving equations; unit conversions; using formulas; ratios, rates, and proportional relationships; geometric concepts and definitions.

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Introduction to Computers – 
Students will focus on developing fundamental computer skills such as basic word processing, formatting, and file management skills. An important aspect of the course will be improving students’ keyboarding skills by increasing typing speed and accuracy. Students will also learn to use e-mail, the Internet, and how to conduct research by using search engines.

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New Student Seminar – 
This course is an introduction to academic and personal tools needed to improve college study habits for lifelong learning. Topics include test-taking strategies, time-management, listening, efficient textbook reading, note-taking, and motivation/attitude effects on learning and stress reduction. Guest speakers include current faculty, students, and alumni.

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