Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a personalized academic support designed to help students become more effective learners. The study strategies presented are intended to help students achieve a balance between their academic life and other responsibilities. Topics include organization, time management, assignment management, study skills, note taking, test preparation and more to help students reach their potential. Academic coaches are available for each technical major offered at Dunwoody College of Technology.

It is difficult for some students to manage the change of adding the responsibilities of college study to their day-to-day routine. Deadlines, projects, assignments, and monitoring your growth in a new learning area are a few of the challenges that need to be managed successfully. In addition, if studying and earning good grades has been a challenge in the past, it is difficult to change ineffective study habits to good ones without support, guidance and practice to make a lasting change. Academic Coaching will help the student set goals, create a success plan, and navigate the challenges as they implement their plan for success.

Services Provided

An academic coach meets with a student for one 45-minute session per week. Students may sign up for a set of five consecutive coaching sessions. After completing the first five meetings, the student may select to continue by signing up for a second set of five coaching sessions. A student may sign up for two coaching series per quarter. The working relationship between the academic coach and student is intended to build confidence and to motivate and empower the student as a learner. The weekly one-to-one meeting with a coach provides the structure, support, and feedback needed for the student and fosters the development of effective study skills and academic achievement.

How do I arrange for an Academic Coach?

Students interested in working with an academic coach should set up an initial coaching consultation appointment by emailing or by stopping by the Elftmann Student Success Center.

Be prepared to share:

  • Technical program of study
  • Title of course or courses that are of concern
  • Three times that you would be available to meet

An email invitation for a conference appointment will be sent to you. Make sure you confirm the appointment by accepting the appointment and plan to arrive in ESSC at least five minutes before your appointment time.

During the initial meeting, you will discuss your learning goals, select a weekly meeting time and be assigned an academic coach who has knowledge of your technical program of study. The Director of Student Success will also begin a file on you that includes your class schedule, a copy of course syllabi and meeting notes on your initial coaching consultation. These will assist you and your coach in setting weekly goals.

Failure to attend weekly meeting sessions will result in the student’s file becoming inactive for the remainder of the semester.