Elftmann Student Success Center

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  • Support for students with learning disabilities
  • Support for students who are English Language Learners


This website won third place in the LSCHE student success center website competitionWelcome to the Elftmann Student Success Center! We have a team of professionals and peer tutors ready to help you achieve academic success. We provide an array of services such as tutoring, online instructional videos, academic coaching, The Math Center, and The Writing Center. Many of the technical programs at Dunwoody have collaborated with us to create a Technical Video Library to provide you online tutorials that are available for you 24 hours a day. We have more that 100 videos online prepared by our faculty to support your study in your technical field. Be sure to make use of the tips sheets provided by our Writing Center. Feel free to use the quiet study area, classrooms and private work spaces to work as an individual or small group. Many students use the technical equipment in our classrooms to practice and prepare presentations or meet regularly as a study group. Take advantage of these free services offered to all students attending Dunwoody. Your academic success is our business.

The Elftmann Student Success Center Team


Recommend a Student for Support


Provide quality academic support and development for all students to foster academic success and achievement.


Elftmann Student Success Center programs will be recognized institutionally as the driving force behind high student achievement and nationally as a premier learning environment for quality developmental education and academic support.

Hours of Operation

The Elftmann Student Success Center is staffed Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm.


The Elftmann Student Success Center is located in Black 52 of Dunwoody’s main building. For a downloadable map of our location and the layout of the Center, click here.