Dunwoody offers a bi-yearly Study Abroad opportunity to students in the Interior Design, Architecture, Construction Management, Graphic Design, and Pre-Media Technologies programs. This program is both a two-credit class and a tour that focuses on the information necessary to understand the geography, culture, art, interior design and architecture of each of the countries visited. Students become familiar with the areas to be visited and the importance of that country in the global community before leaving the USA. The travel portion of the course is a two-week trip that focuses on seeing, doing, and touring and is custom-designed to relate specifically to the study prior to the trip.

When signing up for Dunwoody College of Technology Study Abroad courses, apply for financial aid through the College by submitting a FAFSA. Register for the class through the Registrar’s Office. The Financial Aid Office will then calculate your financial aid eligibility for the credits for your course.

You may be able to receive a budget increase based on the higher cost of studying abroad.

For questions regarding financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office at or 612-381-3347.