Pharos End User FAQ

Q. How long before my printed documents are purged from the system?
A. Documents will stay in your print queue for up to 10 hours after submission.

Q. If I forget to log off the device, how long until I am automatically logged off?
A. Your account will stay signed into the device for 10 seconds of inactivity before you are automatically signed off the device. Get in the habit of touching the “sign-off” button when you are finished using the device.

Q. How do I install the Dunwoody Pharos print queue?
A. The Dunwoody Pharos print queue was installed automatically on all Dunwoody owned computers around the building. If you do not see it in your list of printers, send an email to to schedule a time for installation.

Q. What if I am unable to sign into the device using my badge?
A. You can try another Multi-Function Printer around Dunwoody — there are 30 across campus and many printers have signs near them that indicate where the nearest alternate printer is.

If that still doesn’t work, there may be a problem with your ID card. Stop down to the IT Help Desk in Green 70 or send an email to with your name and the 5-digit number from the back of your ID.

Q. What if I forget my ID card and need to print today?
A. You can input your network credentials (the username and password you use to log in to your computer, the wireless network, etc.) by clicking on the “Secure/Print Release” touchscreen button on the device.

Q. Can I use Pharos to fax? 
A. Since faxing is a dead technology it’s always best to try and find an alternate means to send the file, such as email. If you’ve spoken to someone on the receiving side and they tell you faxing is the only option, you can fax from the IT Help Desk in Green 70. Or you can use the scan-to-email feature from one of the 30 multi-function printers around Dunwoody. Then send that email, along with the recipient phone number, to

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