Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to complete my FAFSA?
Three weeks after taxes have been filed and no later than April 21st for returning students and upon admission for new students.

How do I pay for my books?
Books are a separate charge and are not included in tuition. Books can be charged to your account and deducted from financial aid through the first week of each semester, after that time, they are an out of pocket cost.

When are loans applied toward my bill?
After all financial aid steps have been completed. Typically one week before the start of the semester and after all steps in the application process have been completed.

When is an in-school deferment necessary?
If you have existing student loans, you have the option of delaying payment while you are in school. You must contact your lender to make arrangements, until deferment is in place, payment must be made.

What do I do if my employer wants to help me pay my bill?
If your employer is paying all costs, notify the Accounting department to have your employer invoiced.

If your employer is paying for a portion of your costs, see the Student Accounts Office to make arrangements.

How much should I borrow?
Dunwoody encourages students to borrow only what they need to pay for the cost of their education. Consider the amount of your annual bill after grants, scholarships, and savings. This is the amount that is needed to be borrowed.