Dunwoody College of Technology is dedicated to supporting the academic success of our students. As an institution of higher education, Dunwoody is required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act to make reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to educational offerings. Dunwoody retains the right to establish academic standards and requirements.

In an effort to make reasonable accommodation to address a student’s needs, Dunwoody is directed by the legislation. Consideration is given to the nature of the disability, the accommodation necessary and the key components of the course. A reasonable accommodation cannot compromise the key components of the course. Architectural barriers will be removed and adjustments may be made specific to the needs of the individual student without alteration of the academic standards and course content.

To accommodate student needs, Dunwoody has historically provided quiet locations for testing, recording of lectures, access to instructor’s notes and sign interpreters, just to name a few. Again, the type of accommodation is based upon the student’s disability and the nature of the learning opportunity.

Building Access

Access to Dunwoody classrooms is provided through either the west or east entrances of the Main building, with elevator access to the various floors. In regard to the Warren building, access is provided to the main floor through the west entrance and the second floor through the north entrance.

Student Responsibilities in Regard to Accommodations

The higher education laws indicate that the student is responsible to inform Dunwoody of the need for accommodation and to provide professional/medical documentation. Dunwoody will not seek out students to determine if a need is present. Once accommodation is provided, it is up to the student to access and use the accommodation.

Dunwoody Contact to File Accommodation Requests

All accommodation requests are filed through the Dean of Students office by filling out a Student Request for Learning Accommodation or Special Need Form (PDF).