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Dunwoody’s Student Life team is here to help you enjoy your time and campus — and more importantly, to succeed. Whether its joining a student group, or finding tutoring help or just someone to talk to help you figure out what you need to do to make it through the quarter.

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Faculty Directory (PDF)
Veteran and Military Students at Dunwoody

Wenda W. & Cornell L. Moore Multicultural Center

The Multi-Cultural Center programs seek to develop a community in which individuals of diverse backgrounds may come together to thrive in an environment where inclusion is evident. Through supporting GLBT groups, Multi-Cultural Student Union, and broadening multi-cultural awareness, our programs aim to promote the value of diversity and prepare students to be competitive in a global society and changing workforce. The Multicultural Center is found on the Green Level near the Arts & Sciences offices.

 Women’s Resource Center

The WRC provide a space and environment where women at Dunwoody can locate information, resources and networking opportunities. It also serves as a gathering place for Dunwoody women to participate in event such as First Friday, or with organizations like WomenVenture, Women in the Trades, and Women Build. College is committed to serving women of diverse backgrounds and providing avenues for women to succeed in today’s workforce.

The Center is a space and environment where women can gather together and to celebrate achievements. Dunwoody women can use the Center’s resources as well as participate in programming with a focus on mentoring and networking opportunities. The Center is committed to serving women of diverse backgrounds and providing women tools to succeed in today’s workforce. It is found on the Black Level just west of the Library.

Student Services Resource Guides (PDF files)

Housing List
Chemical Dependency (Awareness & Help)
Childcare Options 
Legal Help
Mental Health
Safety & Security