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Dunwoody’s Student Life team is here to help you enjoy your time on campus–and more importantly, to help you succeed. Whether its joining a student group, finding tutoring help, or just talking to someone–we are here for you.

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Dunwoody College Bookstore Website
Taher Campus Dining Weekly Menu (PDF)
College Catalog & Student Handbook (PDF)
Dunwoody College Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Manual (PDF)
Faculty Directory (PDF)
Veteran and Military Students at Dunwoody
2016-17 Housing Guide (PDF)
Dunwoody Lab Information (PDF)

Wenda W. & Cornell L. Moore Multicultural Center

The Multi-Cultural Center programs seek to develop a community in which individuals of diverse backgrounds may come together to thrive in an environment where inclusion is evident. Through supporting GLBT groups, Multi-Cultural Student Union, and broadening multi-cultural awareness, our programs aim to promote the value of diversity and prepare students to be competitive in a global society and changing workforce. The Multicultural Center is found on the Green Level near the Arts & Sciences offices.

 Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is provided to be a space for Dunwoody Women. The WRC can be used to study in private, to socialize, to celebrate achievements, to find resources and information, to browse through literature and magazines, or simply appreciate the photography and artwork displayed within.

The WRC is the primary meeting location for Dunwoody’s Kate’s Club*, which is an organization dedicated to the diverse populations of Dunwoody Women. Kate’s Club events are organized for socializing, networking, and learning about incredible women and their contributions to history. The WRC also serves as a gathering place for organizations like WomenVenture, and Women Build. The WRC is located on the Black Level just west of the Library.

*Catherine “Kate” Lane Dunwoody was one of the co-founders of Dunwoody College of Technology and was considered to be “a quiet, gracious lady.” Kate’s husband William Hood Dunwoody once commented that he got “his best advice from her” and they shared his business interests.  The Dunwoody’s also forged a true partnership of humanitarianism and philanthropy that focused on improving the lives of women, advancing educational and healthcare opportunities, and promoting the arts.

Student Services Resources (PDF files)

Student Services Resource Guide
Chemical Dependency (Awareness & Help)
Safety & Security