How to Pay


Tuition. Bills. Loans. Getting through school takes hard work, but getting through “on-budget” can be downright impossible. But we’ve got a helpful tool for all Dunwoody students.

It’s called GradReady and students (even you prospective students and our alumni) can create an account today and start turning those money impossibilities into a future full of financial possibilities.

After you create an account:GradReady

·         learn the basics and beyond from educational videos

·         set-up a budget and track your spending

·         perfect your borrowing strategy with the Financing Plan

·         compare your borrowing to future income with the Debt-o-Meter

·         prepare a solid repayment strategy with the Electronic Loan Counselor

Get control of your financial future. The best time to start? Right now.

More information about paying for college is available at