Annual Average Salary: $45,240

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With one of the only Pre-Media Design degrees in the Midwest, Dunwoody offers a unique experience allowing students to learn real-world skills such as image capture and editing, production workflow, digital asset management, and package layout and design. Students build a portfolio of professional work, including digital and print projects. These skills will smoothly transition them into a successful career as a Pre-Media Specialist, Structural Designer or other pre-production and technical support positions for advertising and design agencies, printing companies and packaging and display companies.

Dunwoody’s Pre-Media Design program features:

  • Small class sizes, allowing our students ample time with both the instructors and the printing equipment.
  • Instruction on a Mac OSX system giving students experience with industry standard tools and software like the Adobe Creative Suite and Artios CAD.
  • A state-of-the-art digital press and packaging design lab, complete with a Xerox iGen4™ Diamond Edition digital press, a digital printer, an Esko Kongsberg V20 cutting table, a wide format printer, a spectrodensitometer, and a spectrophotometer.
  • A Pre-Media Technologies Industry Internship, partnering our students with working professionals to develop technical skills and professional behavior through monitored, on-the-job work experience.

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Dunwoody earns first place in annual AICC Competition second year in a row