Gainful Employment Disclosure: Land Surveying Certificate

Land Surveying Certificate

Names and Links to Descriptions of Potential Occupations

Q: What types of jobs would this program prepare me for?

A: Below are the titles of possible occupations associated with this training program.  A link to the Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (www.onetonline) is provided for each occupation.

Cost Information

Q: How much will this program cost me? 

A: Total Estimated Cost for 2014-2015: This program is currently being restructured and as such curriculum and pricing information is not available at this time.


Q: What are my financing options to pay for the program?

A: In addition to any grant and scholarship aid for which they are eligible, graduates may use loans to finance their education.

Information for academic year of 2013-2014 cannot be disclosed due to a lack of graduates during the reporting period.  


Q: How long will it take me to complete this program?

A: The program is designed to take 2 semesters to complete following the sequence and credit load established for the program. Should the student choose to take a less credits per semester or change their program, the time frame may be longer.

On-time graduation rates cannot be disclosed due to a lack of graduates in this program for academic year 2013-2014 reporting period. 

Q: What are the chances of getting a job when I graduate?

A: Job placement rates for the reporting period of 2012-2013 are not available due to the lack of graduates for that time period.