List of program requirements & course descriptions (pdf)

Experience HVACR Systems Servicing at Dunwoody

While at Dunwoody, you will learn from instructors who have extensive industry experience in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVACR). Modern HVACR systems consist of multiple mechanical, electrical, energy management, and electronic components to operate and drive the equipment. You will learn the skills and theoretical knowledge needed to maintain these operating systems as well as troubleshoot, diagnose, and correctly repair environmental and stand-alone cooling systems.

Hands-on training through lab experimentations with industry-standard equipment and computer and lab simulations will help you understand topics like:

  • Heating Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Service
  • HVAC Control Concepts
  • Building Systems Operations

Students graduate from the program with in-depth knowledge of furnaces, boilers, chillers, and refrigerators.

HVAC Excellence, the largest provider of certification in the HVACR industry, has accredited all of Dunwoody’s HVAC programs. This certification ensures that Dunwoody’s programs meet or exceed industry standards for quality technical education.

Additional benefits of Dunwoody’s HVACR Systems Servicing program include:
  • One-on-one face time with local employers, who will provide you with insights on career opportunities, what to expect in industry, and what types of employees they are looking for.
  • Preparation for the Minnesota’s Special Engineers Boiler Operator License, which allows students to legally operate boilers.
  • An OSHA 10 Construction Safety & Health training card to students who successfully complete 10 hours of OSHA 10 safety training. This card is recognized nation-wide.
  • EPA Section 608 Certification by Esco Institute,which allows you to legally handle refrigerants, universally.
  • R410A Certification, ensuring you can safely operate high-pressure refrigeration equipment.
  • Access to all of the HVAC labs, including the Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Lab; Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Lab; Sheet Metal Lab; Motor Lab; and Electrical/Thermal Science Lab.
  • Site visits and tours to manufacturing firms like Zero Zone, Great River Energy, and Sherco Generating Station, allowing you to learn from experienced professionals in your field.
  • Access to student clubs and organizations like Dunwoody’s ASHRAE Student Chapter and Refrigeration Servicing Engineers Society (RSES), which serve as great opportunities to network and build your resume.