Web Development

The Web Development program provides graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to design, create and maintain websites that are well-coded, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, useful, data-driven and user-friendly.

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Typical job titles for graduates from the program include web developer, webmaster, data analyst, web designer, content manager and software developer. Coursework includes training in mobile and web development, including open-source and proprietary object-oriented and scripting languages; industry-standard database creation and data retrieval; good coding practices and programming logic; website design; navigation paradigms; data structures; and structure query language (SQL) and its use with database management systems. It also includes the study of operating systems, including Windows and Linux/Unix development.

Courses are divided between content lectures, hands-on demonstration and practice. Arts & Sciences curriculum enhances the skills necessary for students to be successful in their career, including technical writing, communication, and math courses designed specifically for computer students.

Degree Information: 

Graduates earn an associate of Applied Science degree; the program takes two years (four semesters) to complete.

Common Job Titles: 

Web Developer; Webmaster; Web Designer; Content Manager; Software Developer

Program Placement Rate:*

*This is a new program; The first graduating class will be in May of 2016.
Data reflects placement for AY2013-14 graduates indicating employment in their field of study within 6 months following graduation. Full data calculations are available for review during College open hours Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT at Career Services or contact careerservices@dunwoody.edu.

National Median Salary: $66,380

SOURCE: Based on May 2014 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates for the state of Minnesota published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov.


ACM – Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE Computer Society

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