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Employee Spotlight: Teresa Milligan, Principal Instructor

Teresa Milligan, Dunwoody Principal Instructor

Hometown: Scandia, MN

College: College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN (undergrad), St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis (graduate)

Degrees: B.A. in Secondary Social Sciences Education, M.A. in Literacy Education, Graduate Certificate for Teachers of Adult ESL

How long have you been working at Dunwoody?

7 years in October!

What is your favorite part about working at Dunwoody?

That I am able to give students the literacy tools they need to succeed in their classes and in their future jobs, as well as collaborating with a lot of very caring, passionate instructors.

I think I get the most satisfaction from watching the excitement of the students who are finally given a chance to shine in a way that reflects who they are and from seeing the pride our instructors have in our students and the satisfaction they feel from being able to facilitate that chance.

What do you like about Dunwoody’s hands-on educational philosophy?

Dunwoody’s philosophy aligns with a lot of the research on learning, especially adult learners, so it’s exciting to put it in action and see it work. What makes us stand out is the relationships students build with their instructors and with each other. We are able to establish the trust and credibility students need to participate in that kind of deep learning, even if they aren’t confident in themselves yet.

What are a few of your hobbies?

Gardening, reading, camping, walking or running with my German shepherd, spending time with my boys, and being a motorcycle mama.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like almost everything. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and The Beatles dominate my playlist, though. I’m a sucker for a bluesy, soulful guitar solo.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

Pepperoni and green olive.

Fun facts:
  1. I’ve been with my husband since we were 14!
  2. I have a slight obsession with biographies (right now I’m reading The Wright Brothers by David McCullough, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets by Curt Gentry).
  3. I can make a mean lasagna.

Spring 2017 Graduates Announced

Dunwoody College of Technology is thrilled to recognize the following Spring 2017 graduates.

Click here to see a list of the Fall 2016 graduates. 

Abnet Eli
Adam Birra
Al-Hilwani Alexander
Albers Samuel
Anderson John
Anderson Matthew
Anderson Katelyn
Anderson Tyler
Anderson Thomas
Andresen David
Anton Max
Appel Cole
Autio Austin
Bachman Bryce
Bacon Robert
Bailey Tyler
Barth Benjamin
Becklin Alec
Beckstrand Tyler
Bennett Samuel
Benson Aaron
Berrier Heidi
Blommer Dillion
Bluhm Kazimir
Boehmer Jackson
Bohline Donald
Booth Adam
Boyer Madeline
Brastad Justin
Brier Kevin
Broadston Joseph
Brooks Chad
Brownson Alex
Brudvig Steven
Bruneau Christopher
Bry Robin
Burg Anthony
Burnside Kyle
Burrows Connor
Butler Thomas
Caddy Chad
Campbell Jacob
Cao Christopher
Carlson Matthew
Carlson Jonathan
Carlson Ross
Cerney Michael
Cha Melysia
Chang Ling
Chase Paxton
Chatterton Julian
Christensen Matthew
Christian Brady
Christner Samantha
Clark Benjamin
Clipperton Elijah
Coe Blaine
Curtin John
Dailey Beau
Darden Jazmine
DeCurtins Adam
Deluna Walldo
Denny Ryan
Devitt Paul
Dewitte Tristan
Donohue Robert
Duong Edison
Durdahl Daniel
Eckes Christopher
Eitel Steven
Enger Mason
Enoch Jacob
Entingh Connor
Erickson Jon
Evans Jacob
Factor Noah
Fischer Paige
Fisher Bryce
Flaifel Michael
Forcier Dustin
Ford Benjamin
Freeman Yaya
Froemming Alexander
Fujitake Mark
Fuller Alex
Gainous David
Gatzke Caitlin
Gonzalez Isai
Greene Joshua
Grindahl Robert
Grommersch James
Guion John
Haakana Logan
Haddy Corey
Halvorson Neil
Hammond Robert
Hansen Jonathan
Harris Ryan
Hays Caleb
Hemmah Jacob
Hernandez-Llamas Joseph
Herrick Matthew
Hertel Jessica
Hertz Tristan
Hiepler Michael
High Anina
Hill Joshua
Hill Tiara
Hinnenkamp Tyler
Hlavka Eric
Ho Tan
Hodzic Mirza
Hoffman Daniel
Hollen Jesse
House Heather
Hunerberg Benjamin
Hurd Jessica
Huttner Austin
Iber Conrad
Isetts Blake
Iverson Jeffery
Jarvis Matthew
Jensen Leo
Johnson Brent
Johnson Tyler
Johnson Harry
Johnson Benjamin
Johnson Kyle
Johnson Andrew
Kallon Alpha
Kammerer Frank
Karwath Robert
Kaus Daniel
Kavadas Levi
Kelly Nicholas
Kerner Thomas
Kiltinen Shelby
King Nathan
King Collin
Klassen Austin
Klegstad Jacob
Kollasch Samantha
Kowal Patrick
Kraetsch Casey
Kretsu Michael
Kromschroeder Kasey
Kuenkel Brett
Lambert Nathan
Larson Jacob
Larson Jacob
Leistico Jonathan
Leistikow Samuel
LeMay Benjamin
LeMay Ashley
Leuthner Adam
Lewis Dexter
Lewis-Mauricio Thalia
Linahon Alex
Luangrath Bennieco
Luckett Ernest
Luhm Aaron
Mabusth John
Maciej Alex
Mack Michael
Madison Andrew
Makarych Siarhei
Malenke Jay
Maltzen Michael
Marsh Cole
McDonald Patrick
McGinnity Kyle
Meyer Jacob
Miazga Michael
Mitchell Christian
Mitchell Steven
Montgomery Madison
Morris Laura
Morse Faith
Moynihan John
Nakada Michael
Narloch Benjamin
Nelson Matthew
Nelson Heidi
Nelson Andrew
Nichols Patrick
Nielsen Robert
Njankenji McBonn
Noer Joshua
Nordstrom Jay
Northway Travis
Oberg Cecilia
Olson Travis
Olson Andrew
Omayo Jackson
Orput James
Otten Michael
Ouellette Marc
Pagel Tyler
Patten Linsey
Pederson Adam
Peltonen Cody
Penning Tovah
Penrose Christopher
Perez Ricky
Peter Jonathan
Peterson Matthew
Peterson Henning
Peterson Drew
Phandanouvong Sylvester
Phommasane Anthony
Poitra Jason
Pollei Zach
Prowizor Julian
Quicksell Thomas
Quien Joshua
Ramsingh Nicholas
Rans Jonathan
Reinertson Austin
Ricks Darren
Riley Jerome
Ritt Christopher
Ritzman Jacob
Roberts Cory
Rono Makto
Rosecrans Caleb
Saltness Christian
Sanders Jamauria
Schmalz Quintin
Scholl Martin
Schulz Patrick
Schulzetenberg Will
Schurhammer Nicholas
Scollick Jeremy
Sederberg Ryan
Sheppard Jason
Shore Brandon
Skattum Ross
Sloneker Justin
Smith Luis
Smith Gabriel
Smoter Devyn
Somers Rebekah
Sosa Eric
Springer Siri
Stang Dylan
Starwood Christopher
Stearns Tanner
Steffens Paul
Strand Jacob
Sullivan Jesse
Swanson Ian
Swanson Megan
Szumowski Dustin
Tatsak Cole
Thao Jesse
Thiel Erica
Thiery Anthony
Thompson Kathleen
Thompson Andrew
Thurnau Nicholas
Tomann Alek
Treat Daniel
Tully Mark
Turnbull John
Unger Andrew
Vail Gabriel
VanderVorste Adam
VanDoeren Julian
Vang Thong
VanScoik Sean
Virnala JJ
Vue Tou
Walesch Nicholas
Webster Thomas
Wegner Jacob
Weides Robert
Weinmann Kevin
Weis Kenneth
Welsh Matthew
White Beverly
White Reid
Wieden Darren
Williams Bradley
Willis Connor
Wittebort Arthur
Wolters Samual
Yang Say Vue
Yang David
Zaniewski Zachary
Zawadski Mary

Radiologic Technology graduates honored at Pinning Ceremony

Eight students recently graduated from Dunwoody’s Radiologic Technology program.

Class of Spring 2017 Rad Tech grads with their instructors

Class of Spring 2017 Rad Tech grads and their instructors

Eight of Dunwoody’s Radiologic Technology students officially graduated on Thursday, July 13, at a Pinning Ceremony where they were honored for the successful completion of the program.

After a day of celebration, the program graduates completed the AART National Exam the following day. All eight students passed the exam.

The College’s Rad Tech graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science degree over two years (four semesters and two summer sessions). During this time, students rotate between 10-15 different clinics and hospitals in the Twin Cities area, including North Memorial Hospital. The variety of clinical sites allows students to work with real patients in every healthcare setting and situation–from level-one trauma centers to geriatric hospitals–before graduating. There are two graduating cohorts per year–one in July and one in December.

 Students graduate with honors

During the Pinning Ceremony, Rad Tech faculty and staff also recognized students with various awards. Congratulations to the following graduates:

Dunwoody Clinical Excellence Award: Brittney Tompkins
This award is given to a student who exemplifies the ideal behavior in a clinical environment. This student works well with students, staff technologists, and other clinical instructors in their clinical setting. The student receiving the Clinical Excellence Award personifies the type of student that Dunwoody and the Radiologic Technology Program would want every student to strive to be in their clinical setting.

Best Patient Care Award: Brandi Hanisch
This award is given to a student who demonstrates superior care to the patients that they work with during their clinical rotations. The student selected for this award ensures that the patient comes first and that all the needs and concerns that a patient may have are taken care of.

 Academic Achievement Award: Justin Larson
This award is given to one graduating student from each of the academic platforms at Dunwoody. The nominees for the award have a high attendance rate and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Other considerations for the award are based on work ethic, extra-curricular participation, the pursuit of excellence, self-awareness, and leadership.

 Best Team Player Award: Shelby Wittibslager
This award s given to a student who exemplifies the meaning of the phrase “team player.” This student takes it upon themselves to seek out work and help out in all areas in the Radiology Department, and also works well with other students, department technologists, and clinical instructors. They are the first person to lend a willing hand when help is needed.


Employee Spotlight: Mark Anderson, Manager of IT Operations


Hometown: Belvidere, IL

College: Dunwoody College of Technology

Degrees: AAS in Computer Networking & Electronic Systems, BS in Applied Management with a MIS Concentration

How long have you been working at Dunwoody? 16 years + 1 year as a student worker!

Why did you decide to work at Dunwoody?

I really liked the idea of working where I went to school and applying what I was learning in the classroom to the job. After graduation, I decided to stay with Dunwoody mainly because of the relationships I had built with employees and how quickly I was learning in that environment. Chris Leiseth, my manager at the time, let me take on all sorts of projects and higher-level support requests. He taught me that fixing the technology was the easier part of IT, and that it was more important to learn how to build relationships and trust across the organization.

What is your favorite part about working at Dunwoody?

Hiring student workers for IT. From the interview, to training and coaching them, to watching them graduate and go on to successful and rewarding careers because of what they learned at Dunwoody—I enjoy all of it.

What are a few of your hobbies?

I enjoy playing basketball, golf, and baseball as well as biking, fishing, and woodworking projects.

What is your favorite type of cuisine or food?

When it’s not fishing season, Japanese Teppanyaki.

Which sports teams do you root for?

My family from Illinois would disown me if I went with all Minnesota teams, so, Chicago White Sox, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Wild, and Minnesota Timberwolves. I do like watching the Twins and Vikings, but I still root for the Sox and Packers when they play.

Dunwoody students study abroad in Cuba

Eight Dunwoody students have another bullet to add to their résumé (and a lot of photos to add to their portfolios) thanks to a recent study aboard trip to Cuba!


Architecture students Alex Stanley, Celina Nelson, and Gianna Madison; Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology student Patrick Kowal; Construction Project Management student Kate Anderson; and Construction Management students Freddy Jara, Aaron Davis, and Jake Benson-Devine joined Senior Instructor Alex Wong, Program Manager Heather Gay, and Dean Bridget Reynolds on the nine-day adventure late last month.

During their trip, students had the opportunity to experience the city-life of Havana, the small town charm of Santa Clara, the history behind Trinidad port, and the captivating beauty of Topes De Collantes National Park.

Trip highlights included:
  • Studying the reconstruction and restoration of Havanna
  • Learning what technical education looks like in another country
  • Experiencing different types of food and music
Santa Clara
  • Learning what construction materials and methods are used for restoration projects in a more rural area
  • Learning how smaller educational institutions train students for jobs
  • Understanding how a construction site is prepared in another country
  • Discovering the national influences and inspirations behind the port’s design
  • Seeing the many different goods being imported and exported
  • Learning the history behind residential design and how pirates and weather played a role
  • Studying the evolution of the port’s economy and society

Topes De Collantes National Park

  • Hiking the Escambray Mountains
  • Swimming in the basin of a waterfall
Trip photos:

The College plans to offer another study abroad trip summer of 2018.

To learn more about the 2017 Study Abroad trip, visit:

Dunwoody IISE Student Chapter hosts Six Sigma Training

IMG_3670Earlier this month, Dunwoody College of Technology’s Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) Student Chapter hosted a Six Sigma Training, certifying participants in Six Sigma Green Belt, the first credential in a series of certifications focused on lean processes.

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is widely recognized throughout the industry, and the credential gives students an edge in their job search, signifying that they are well-versed in lean processes and process improvement.

Dunwoody’s IISE Student Chapter President Dustin Szumowski organized the event with the IISE National Chapter, inviting students from North Dakota State University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. The training ran for 8 hours on both Friday and Saturday with a two-part exam on Sunday.

“I thought the event went great! Everyone had fun and learned more about process improvement,” Szumowski said. “I think that it is a great way to get ahead of others competing in the job market.”

Dunwoody’s IISE Student Chapter is open to students enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Technology bachelor’s completion degree program. Learn more at


Dunwoody College of Technology 2017 Spring Semester Dean’s List

Congratulations to the following students who have been named to Dunwoody College of Technology’s spring 2017 semester dean’s list. The students listed received this honor by upholding a 3.5 (or higher) grade point average while being a full-time student*.

Abnet Eli
Adam Birra
Albers Samuel
Andersen Matthew
Anderson Brett
Anderson Katelyn
Anderson Peter
Anderson Tyler
Arnold Alysa
Artmann Hailey
Augustine Megan
Bachorik Benjamin
Baillie Colleen
Bares Tyler
Barkley Paul
Barrett Chayse
Bates Kelly
Bautch John
Becker Ikaria
Beery Kyle
Benson Luke
Berg Jeremy
Beutel Timothy
Biros Hannah
Blesener Andrew
Boehm Andrew
Boesch Kelly
Boie Erik
Booth Adam
Bosak Jack
Boyer Madeline
Bredeson Jordan
Broadston Joseph
Broom Thomas
Brummer Brandon
Bry Robin
Caddy Chad
Carpenter Brian
Caudillo Robert
Cerney Michael
Charles Brad
Charles Taylor
Christian Brady
Christner Samantha
Chughtai Shaum
Coffin Nathan
Coleman Peter
Connoy Paul
Conway Nicholas
Curtin John
Curtis Isaiah
Dahl Ashley
Dahlquist Aaron
Dallman James
Darden Jazmine
Davis Michael
DeCurtins Adam
Deluna Walldo
Demos James
Dillie Kyle
Dirks John
Donovan Bailey
Dubiel Sirena
Duncan Andrew
Eisele Dylon
El Hmamsi Adam
Ellsworth Margaret
Elrod Jay
Emly Cole
Enoch Jacob
Erickson Travis
Fahrendorff Isaac
Fanslow Jared
Faraone Dale
Fischer Paige
Fjerstad Benjamin
Flaherty Connor
Fletschock Rachelle
Forcier Dustin
Forslund Ryan
Frantti Bret
Frederick Hans
French Antoine
Friendshuh Dustin
Fujitake Mark
Gainous David
Gandrud Alexander
Gebhard Jesse
Gedion Sisay
Geleck Tenzin
Genzler Michael
Gildemeister Daniel
Gillund Kurt
Glass Leonard
Gohl Adam
Grindahl Robert
Grommersch James
Groshens Zackery
Grzeskowiak Jason
Guion John
Haak Samantha
Haddorff Jeffrey
Hagman Cody
Hahn Tyler
Hall Erik
Halloran Keven
Halvorson Neil
Hamer Michael
Hammond Kaitlyn
Hammond Robert
Hanka Josiah
Hanlon Daniel
Hannover Danial
Hansen Chad
Hansen Karl
Harris Ryan
Hart Jessica
Harvey Nicholas
Haugen Brann
Hauser Logan
Hawks Anthony
Her Doua
Herber Logan
Herrera Rodrigo
Herrick Matthew
Hertel Jessica
Hibbs Andrew
Hiepler Michael
Hill Tiara
Hiniker William
Hinnenkamp Franklin
Hlavka Eric
Hoferkamp Brittany
Hokkanen Spencer
Holeton Ashley
Holt Dustin
Huber Adam
Hurd Daniel
Huycke Megan
Hyland Troy
Isackson-Rod Indigo
Isetts Blake
Janda Peter
Janiak Jordan
Jenkins Katherine
Jensen Leo
Jensen Taylor
Jeske John
Jocelyn Jeremy
Johnson Andrew
Johnson Jacob
Johnson Kari
Johnson Zachary
Jones Aaron
Keizer Brandon
Kelliher John
Kelly Stephen
Keohanam Souvanno
Kieger Michael
Kiltinen Shelby
Klegstad Jacob
Kloos Brian
Kohman Steven
Kostelecky Lucas
Kowal Patrick
Kromschroeder Kasey
Kuchta Benjamin
Kuennen Connor
Lang Marshall
Larsen Benjamin
Larson Jacob
Larson Maria
Le Jacqueline
Le Ngoc Khanh
Le Thanh
Leistico Jonathan
Leistikow Samuel
Lende Brandie
Lenselink Daniel
Linahon Alex
Lofgren Chad
Longendyke Matthew
Lorenz Thomas
Luangrath Bennieco
Lueddecke Alec
Mabusth John
Machtemes Joseph
Maciej Alex
Mack Michael
Madison Gianna
Magnuson Scott
Mahoney Daniel
Maier Dana
Mandt Kerry
Martinez Michael
Matejka Brennen
Maupin Erik
McCauley-Aburto Aaron
McConnell William
McDonald Patrick
McNamer Patrick
Mecklin Betty
Meyer Mickie
Miller Charles
Mingo Tanner
Mitchell Christian
Mitchell Steven
Molenaar Michael
Montgomery Madison
Moore Bradley
Morales Emily
Moyer Sean
Moynihan John
Mrdjenovich Maranda
Murphy Conor
Nakada Michael
Naslund Zachary
Nelson Celina
Nelson Jenna
Nelson Nathaniel
Nguyen Phat
Nickolay Matthew
Njankenji McBonn
Nordstrom Jay
Northway Travis
Oknich Adam
Olson Andrew
Olson Christopher
Olson Steven
Olson Travis
Oneel Shaun
Orenge Gaudencia
Ortega Dario
Orzechowski Matthew
Paucar Angel
Pearson Joshua
Peltonen Cody
Peraza Karina
Perry Daniel
Petersen Andrew
Peterson Matthew
Petrie Kristofer
Phandanouvong Sylvester
Pollard Rachel
Posterick Donald
Price Mary
Pysher Mitchell
Quasabart Grant
Rastall Austin
Reed Kathryn
Reese Sahasha
Regenscheid Steven
Resch Keith
Ritt Christopher
Roberts Cory
Robinson Blake
Rodewald Madelyn
Rodriguez Ari
Rodriguez Marcos
Rodriguez Roberto
Rogers Joshua
Rolfe Michael
Rono Makto
Rosecrans Caleb
Ruelle Paul
Rugarabamu Jesca
Rush Anthony
Rylander Jacob
Sala Patrick
Salcido Alejandro
Santiago Otero Amylee
Sapp Justin
Schafer Taylor
Schmitz Andrew
Schneider Lucas
Schon Matthew
Schrader Brett
Schreder Kyle
Schulz Patrick
Schumacher Brianna
Scollick Jeremy
Sebesta Taylor
Seurer Kurtis
Shelley Abraham
Shoemaker Ethan
Skattum Ross
Skildum Nicholas
Sloneker Justin
Smeaton Kyle
Smith Cody
Smith Leah
Smith Luke
Smith Ricky
Smoter Devyn
Snyder Matthew
Somers Rebekah
Sosa Eric
Sowder Shane
Spartz John
St. Martin Isaac
Steffens Paul
Stewart Steven
Stolp Craig
Strand Steven
Strickland Benjamin
Struzyk Victor
Sulheim Nicholas
Sullivan Michael
Swanson Ian
Swanson Lindsay
Swenson Jennifer
Szumowski Dustin
Teipel Holly
Thao Jesse
Thelen Ryan
Thiel Erica
Thiery Anthony
Thompson Kathleen
Toenges Bradley
Torma Garron
Towne Peter
Tran Jacob
Treat Daniel
Trembulak Timothy
Vaaj Viviane
Valley Jesse
VanderVorste Adam
VanRoekel Garrett
Villalobos Marcos
Wagner Terrence
Wakeham Shannon
Walczak Rob
Waldof Karen
Waldusky Robert
Walesch Nicholas
Waller Justin
Wallin Marc
Warehime Kristin
Warumzer Benjamin
Weeks John
Weis Kenneth
Welch Braden
Wenthe Christopher
Wigton Timothy
Wiisanen Christopher
Williams Michael
Winget Andrea
Wise Mason
Wittrock Erica
Wood Lynnette
Wright Isaac
Wuollet Abigail
Xiong Cheenou
Xiong Jewell
Xiong Kenneth
Yang Cha
Yang Julie
Yardley Shoshana
Zastavskiy Roman
Zdon Christopher
Zmuda Charles

*Student must take a minimum of 12 credits to be considered full-time.