Photo of Dunwoody Architecture Program Manager John Dwyer

A message from the Program Manager

For the first time in 65 years, our city is growing. Over the next 25 years, we will add over a million new residents. [1] The rate of construction we are experiencing today is a prelude to an entirely new city which will be forged here over the next two decades. Architecture, throughout history, has been the means by which civilizations create a thoughtful built environment, one that elevates the health and welfare of the people. There has never been a moment in our lifetime when architecture in our region was of greater need.

However, the Great Recession hindered our profession’s ability to respond to the need. From 2008-2010, revenues dropped 40 percent, employment dropped 28%, and enrollment in schools of architecture has since declined. [2]

Today, our undersized profession is colliding with a rebounding economy. Revenues are returning [3] and architecture is expected to grow over 18% in the next 6 years, [4] despite a decreasing rate of current graduates. The result is a demand which many believe will be greater than the profession has ever experienced. [5]

We need a new generation of young architects, licensed the moment they graduate, able to harness the massive wave of new design and building technologies, poised to apply them directly to practice, and capable of realizing the awesome opportunity latent in the growth of our city.

This is the soul of Architecture at Dunwoody. Join us.

John Dwyer, AIA
Program Manager

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The Bachelor of Architecture Program is an evolution and expansion of one of the College’s original two-year associate’s degree programs: Architectural Drafting and Estimating. The new program is the product of an advisory committee formed in 2010. The committee met semi-annually to discuss the feasibility and possible pedagogies for the program. The academic ideals of professional preparation and technological proficiency were identified immediately not only as in alignment with the ideals of the College, but as of great need within the local academic and professional community. The program initiated its curriculum and enrolled its first cohort in the Fall of 2014 with the intent of achieving initial accreditation by the Spring of 2019.