Applied Management

Dunwoody is committed to producing both the workers of the future and our leaders. Our Applied Management and Entrepreneurship department is focused on developing business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s also committed to developing Bachelor’s degree completion opportunities for graduates of two-year Associate’s degree technical programs.

For many of Dunwoody’s students, a two-year degree is just the start. Dunwoody’s revolutionary 2+2 concept means every graduate of a Dunwoody two-year Associate degree program is automatically qualified to be admitted into one of our breakthrough Bachelor degree-completion programs if they would like to continue their education. Adding management and business skills to a solid technical base provides graduates with a competive edge.

Flexible Class Schedules — day and evening or online

Bachelor’s courses are available in the evening and on weekends, during the day, and online. That means whether you’re working full or part-time or are focused solely on school, there’s an option for you. In addition, the program is set up so that should you need to move from the day to the evening track or vice versa, you can make that transition seamlessly.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to students, including recent graduates of Dunwoody and alumni who have been away for a few years. Some employers may also help provide funding, including tuition reimbursement.

What You Learn

The Dunwoody four-year degree is a bachelor’s of science in applied management. That means you learn how to do things like manage a staff, market products and services, handle a budget, ensure quality standards are met, give presentations and write proposals and business plans, etc.

Dunwoody’s Applied Management Department includes the following programs:

Bachelor of Science in Applied Management