Admissions Team

Dunwoody’s admissions staff members are always here to help and to answer your questions about admission to the College. Feel free to contact us at any time to get started in the admissions process!

Ph: (612) 374-5800

Heath Baumgard
Outstate Admissions Representative
Ph:(612) 381-3365

Elaine Geogleris
Senior Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 381-3323

Sabrina Gilchrist
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 381-3310

Pam Hagen
Admissions Receptionist
Ph: (612) 374-5800

Maggie Johnson
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 374-3079

Macy Loja
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 381-3317

Amber McCallow
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612)-381-8209

Cindy Olson
Director of Admissions
Ph: (612) 381-8124

Mary Rasmussen
Senior Admission Project Coordinator
Ph: (612) 381-3336

Becky Somers
Senior Admissions Data Analyst
Ph: (612) 381-3081

Donavan Sullivan
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 381-3083

Meera Wiest
Admissions Counselor
Ph: (612) 381-3312