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Project Lead the Way Scholarship Application (PDF)


PLTW at Dunwoody College of Technology

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curricular programs used in middle and high schools across the U.S.

PLTW’s mission is to ensure that America succeeds in the increasingly high-tech and high-skill global economy by partnering with middle schools and high schools to prepare students to become the most innovative and productive in the world.

Dunwoody College of Technology is an Admissions Partner as well as a Scholarship Partner.

Admissions Partner

Applicants must participate in, and pass, one or more PLTW class(es) in high school (class(es) must have been taken within the past two years), in addition to the following criteria: 

  • Student must have program selection finalized by July 15
  • Upon acceptance to Dunwoody College of Technology admitted student must withdraw applications to other colleges/universities
  • Student must turn in all admissions documents and pay enrollment fee within 30 days of acceptance
What we are looking for:
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher or ACT score of 20 or higher
  • Two letters of recommendation from teacher, counselor, employer, or other individual who can comment on student’s suitability for post-secondary study
Scholarship Partner

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Grants and Scholarships.

Who is eligible for funding?

Students admitted to Dunwoody College of Technology who have participated in, and passed, PLTW classes in high school (classes must have been taken within the past two years) are eligible to receive the PLTW Grant of up to $1,500.

  • Student must have program selection finalized by July 15
  • Student must have a 2.5 or higher GPA in their high school classes or a 22 or higher on their ACT
  • Submit Scholarship Application
  • Student must submit at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or school official
Additional funds may be available if these additional guidelines are met:
  • A student has a GPA of 3.5 or higher or score a 26 or higher on their ACT
  • Student submits two or more letters of recommendation (one letter must be in addition to the letters of recommendation submitted for their PLTW admissions decision)

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