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The Dunwoody Approach to Education

Dunwoody pioneered the whole concept of an applied, hands-on education. While we’ve refined our educational approach over the decades, the fundamentals are the same:

  1. In the classroom, you learn from
  2. Instructors who have industry experience in the subjects they are teaching
  3. You then apply that learning
  4. Through hands-on projects
  5. That take place in labs, studios, and shops
  6. That use industry-standard (and often industry-leading) software, tools and equipment

In this way, you understand not only the foundational theories behind the skills you are expected to learn, but also how to turn that knowledge into actual work. And by completing those projects you build a portfolio of sample work for when you’re ready to apply for jobs. 

You also take Arts & Sciences classes to round out those critical thinking, communication and other skills that modern industry requires of its working professionals.  

All of our classes are small–most are under 25 students–which means you get to know your instructor and the other students in your major. 

Speaking of majors, we offer more than 30 associate and bachelor degrees in a variety of industries. And should you decide to pursue a two-year degree so you can get out into the workforce–just know that all of our associate’s degrees transfer into a bachelor’s completion degree for when you’re ready for that added credential.

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