How to Pay

Dunwoody College of Technology works with all of its students to not only figure how they will be able to pay tuition, but also how they will budget effectively throughout their time in college and after graduation (see the GradReady section below). Both financial aid and scholarships are available.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for our programs for the 2016-17 academic year can be found here: Dunwoody College Program Pricing 2016-17 (PDF). Please note that the listed prices are for all the credits/courses to complete the program–not just this year. Program lengths vary.

For a more customized estimate of what you might pay, please use our NetPrice Calculator.

For information on the FAFSA and financial aid, please visit our Financial Aid site.


Tuition. Bills. Loans. Getting through school takes hard work, but getting through “on-budget” can be downright impossible. But we’ve got a helpful tool for all Dunwoody students.

It’s called GradReady and students (even prospective students and alumni) can create an account today and start turning those money impossibilities into a future full of financial possibilities.

After you create an account:GradReady

  • Learn the basics and beyond from educational videos
  • Set-up a budget and track your spending
  • Perfect your borrowing strategy with the Financing Plan
  • Compare your borrowing to future income with the Debt-o-Meter
  • Prepare a solid repayment strategy with the Electronic Loan Counselor

Get control of your financial future. The best time to start? Right now.