Mission & Vision


Dunwoody College of Technology seeks to emerge as a first-choice, nationally-recognized leader in technical education, providing a full college experience rooted in innovative education.


Dunwoody changes lives by building opportunities for graduates to have successful careers, to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, and to engage in “the better performance of life’s duties.”
Quote is from the Last Will and Testament of William Hood Dunwoody.

  • Inclusion 
    We value an inclusive and collaborative learning and working environment.
  • Innovation 
    We value innovation in our processes, problem solving, teaching, and learning.
  • Integrity 
    We value personal and institutional integrity based on mutual respect, trust, and accountability.
  • Excellence 
    We value excellence in teaching and learning by upholding the principles of continuous quality improvement.
  • Tradition
    We value the founding traditions of Dunwoody and seek to build on those traditions for a stronger future.