The Dunwoody Campus

The Dunwoody Campus

The Dunwoody campus is located on 15 acres on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis. The Dunwoody buildings have a gross area in excess of 300,000 square feet devoted to the educational programs and administrative, recreational and support services. Shops and laboratories are furnished with tools and equipment typical of the industries employing Dunwoody graduates.

Campus Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 6 am to 9 pm
Friday: 6 am to 8:30 pm
Saturday: 7 am to 3 pm
Sunday: Closed

Dunwoody College of Technology Campus Safety and Security Report

McNamara Center

The McNamara Center has seating for 300 students. The ground level entrance and passenger elevator removes barriers to the physically handicapped. Network connections for laptop computers are available in many classrooms and in common areas such as the Learning Resource Center foyer.

Dunwoody maintains close ties to business and industry and benefits through annual financial support and gifts of equipment and supplies from them. Alumni, foundations and other friends of the school contribute to keep Dunwoody’s technology current and in step with the future.


Text and reference books, lab kits and supplies, branded merchandise and other items are available at the Dunwoody Bookstore, which is managed by Barnes & Noble College.

Food Service

Dunwoody’s food service is provided by Taher Inc., which offers three meals daily, Monday though Thursday, and breakfast and lunch on Fridays throughout most of the school year. Snack items and beverages are also available from vending machines.

Learning Resource Center (Library)

As the campus’ main library, the John A. Butler Learning Resource Center is centrally located to support faculty and students through its resources and services. The Library provides an ever growing book (including ebooks) and reference collection, online databases, newspapers, periodicals, tables for group seating, individual study carrels, access to Dunwoody’s wireless network, computer stations, and a printer/copy machine.

Design Library

The Design Library, located on the Red level, specializes in books, periodicals, databases and online resources for the Construction Sciences & Building programs, as well as the Graphics Technology programs. It continues to expand, and includes a developing collection of both interior and exterior materials.

Student Lounge

A student lounge with study tables, a television and a pool table is located in Carlson Commons. It has been furnished in part by the Student Government. A break room on the second floor of the Warren Building is also open to students as are additional study area throughout the campus.

School Closing Information

Should it be necessary to close the school because of inclement weather or an emergency condition, a school closing announcement will be made on WCCO AM Radio (830), on local television stations and via Dunwoody’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Parking is provided for about 1,000 cars in the Dunwoody parking lots. Some additional street parking is also available. Dunwoody’s goal is to continue to provide free, secure, ample parking for our guests, students, and faculty/staff. A security guard patrols the Dunwoody parking lots and may issue parking violation notices, as appropriate. Permits can be obtained at the Reception Desk in the Pinska Student Services Center and must be properly displayed on the vehicle.

  • Guests: A designated area is reserved for guest parking in the main lot. All guests must register their vehicles with the receptionist in the Pinska Student Services Center.
  • Students: Students may park only in the areas designated for student parking in the main lot and side streets. All students must have a properly displayed Dunwoody-issued parking permit.
  • Employees: Employees may park in either staff- or student-designated areas. All faculty and staff must have a properly displayed Dunwoody-issued parking permit.
  • Parking for Bicycles and Motorcycles: Special areas are reserved for parking bicycles and motorcycles. Bicycles cannot be brought into the building or locked to signs or lamp posts adjacent to entryways. They can become a hazard in the event of emergency evacuation of the building.
  • Parking for the Handicapped: Reserved handicapped parking is provided in both the main parking lot and the Warren Building lot. Use of these reserved spaces requires display of a proper, state-approved license plate and/or window permit. The Police Department will ticket and tow illegally-parked vehicles. Applications for permits are available from doctors and the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles.

Parking in the Warren Building lot (east of the main building) is reserved for vehicles being worked on by the Automotive Service Technology Department, visitors, and Warren Building staff. All others should find alternate places to park.

Parking rules are enforced weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dunwoody assumes no responsibility for any items lost or damaged while on school property.

Parking Violations

All unregistered vehicles and those parked outside of the designated areas/times are subject to towing. The following procedures will be used for vehicles violating the parking rules:

  • First offense: A parking ticket is issued by the Dunwoody security guard, giving an explanation of the parking violation.
  • Second offense: A second parking ticket is issued along with a warning, stating that another violation will result in the vehicle being towed. Parking privileges may be terminated at this time. The security guard will inform Student Services personnel of the violation and a member of the Dunwoody staff will meet with the individual who is in violation.
  • Third offense: The security guard will inform Student Services personnel of all third-time violators. The individual who is in violation will then be instructed to meet with a member of Dunwoody’s Leadership Team and the vehicle may be towed and parking privileges suspended.