Dunwoody History Book: The First Century

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Learn more about the College’s unique history as researched and told by President Emeritus Dr. C. Ben Wright in his book For the Better Performance of Life’s Duties: Dunwoody College of Technology, The First Century, 1914-2014.

Historian and President Emeritus Dr. C. Ben Wright has written a fascinating history of Dunwoody College of Technology and its founders – William and Kate Dunwoody. Their vision “To provide for all time a place where youth without distinction on account of race, color, or religious prejudice may learn the useful trades and crafts, and thereby fit themselves for the better performances of life’s duties” created Dunwoody College, a Twin Cities institution that has educated more than 200,000 students in its 100-year history. Filled with photos, this full-color, 206 page book is a must-own for anyone interested in Dunwoody’s rich history.

Copies of the book are available for purchase in the Dunwoody Bookstore on campus and can also be ordered online through the Bookstore.

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Hardcover Edition, $59.95

Trade Paperback, $24.95